No. There is nothing called Herbal or ayurvedic in pest control. These are suspension chemicals which have no smell. As there is no smell in the chemicals, some companies call them herbal or ayurvedic to get more business.

No. You don’t have to go out during the service. As suspension chemicals have no smell or toxic fumes. They are odorless and harmless for human beings and pets.

No. You don’t have to close the doors and windows or vacate the house.You need to keep your kitchen platform clear of all utensils for maximum results.

The gel which is applied in all the places where cockroaches hide, attracts the cockroaches. The cockroaches eat the gel and die. The dead cockroaches are eaten by the live cockroaches and even they die. Thus there is a chain reaction and the whole colony of cockroaches in your house are wiped out. The spray controls the ants and spiders.

No. On the first service 70 to 80% of cockroaches will come out and die. The other cockroaches which are hiding very deep inside will come out in the night and eat the gel and die.The other cockroaches eat the dead cockroaches and even they die. Thus there is a chain reaction and normally it takes around 20 days from the first service for the whole colony of cockroaches in your house to be eliminated completely.

1.American cockroaches, 2.German cockroaches 3.Brown Banded Cockroaches 4.Oriental cockroaches

You don’t have to empty your entire house or kitchen. The only thing you need to do is to clear your kitchen platform.

Do not wipe the entire house with water for the next 2 days as it may wash of the chemicals which we have sprayed. Let the chemicals dry on its own. You can wipe the excess chemicals on the kitchen platform with a wet cloth. You need not wash all the utensils in the kitchen trolley. Whatever vessels you will use for next 2days please wash them thoroughly and then use.

No. Treatment is required every 4 months for the following reasons : a. Cockroaches re-infest after every four months that is their biological life cycle. b. The chemical and gel power starts decreasing after 3 months.

It controls cockroaches and ants .

No. There is no 100% guaranteed treatment for lizards. Intechgel does not control lizards.

The cockroaches live in toilet chambers, septic tanks etc. They travel through the drainage pipes during the night and enter your homes and on all uncovered foods utensils, kitchen platform etc. spreading harmful germs during the process. Sometimes when you get up in the middle of the night you see one or two cockroaches running away when you switch on the light. These are the cockroaches which have come in the night. By early morning these cockroaches travel back to the septic tanks and the toilet chambers through the same route which they had come in. Therefore it is very necessary to do pest control service even if you don’t see cockroaches.

Cockroaches are nocturnal (night) creatures. They come out only after it is dark. When you see cockroaches in the day time it means that some cockroaches have started living in your house. They start breeding rapidly. When their number increases, they find the place less to move around and they start coming out even in the day time. This is a sign of heavy infestation in your house.

Cockroaches spread germs of cholera, typhoid, dysentery and also aggravate asthma attacks.

Yes. All are chemicals are approved by The government and are allowed to be used for household pest control services.


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